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Chapter Topic
Chapter 1: Psychology, Science, and You
Chapter 2: Ethics and Validity
Chapter 3: Generating Research Hypotheses
Chapter 4: Reading and Evaluating Research
Chapter 5: Measuring and Manipulating Variables: Reliability and Validity
Chapter 6: Choosing the Best Measure for your Study
Chapter 7: Introduction to Descriptive Methods
Chapter 8: Survey Research
Chapter 9: Internal Validity
Chapter 10: The Simple Experiment
Chapter 11: Expanding the Simple Experiment: The Multiple Group Experiment
Chapter 12: Expanding the Simple Experiment: Factorial Designs
Chapter 13: Within-Subjects Designs
Chapter 14: Single-n Experiments and Quasi-Experiments
Chapter 15: Writing Research Proposals and Reports
Web Appendix A: Research Methods and Marketable Skills
Web Appendix B: Searching the Literature
Web Appendix C Conducting a Study
Web Appendix D Field Experiments
Web Appendix E: Using Theory to Generate Research Hypotheses
Web Appendix F: Ordinal Interactions
Web Appendix G: The Quantitative-Qualitative Debate

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