Chapter 6: Research Design Explained

  1. You are now at the Chapter 6 section of the book's student Web site. Here you can
    1. Look over a concept map of the key terms and another of the problems that measures face. Then, look at a glossary of the key terms.
    2. Test yourself on the chapter objectives
    3. Test yourself on the key terms.

    4. Take some practice quizzes.
    5. Review by filling out a review sheet, looking at the key issues and reading the chapter summary.
  2. Do some very short (about 5 second) simulations to understand how
  3. Use the appropriate "Measure chooser" link below to practice choosing the right measure for the situation.
  4. If you want to have a better understanding of scales of measurement, use one of the links below to download the "Scales of measurement " tutorial.

  5. To gain a better understanding of scales of measurement, explore the following links.

  6. To learn more about psychological testing, explore the following links.


  7. Help with answering the end-of-chapter exercises.


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