Have students conduct--or role play--a factorial experiment

You could have students role play the results of classic factorial experiments. Alternatively, you could have them be both experimenter and participant in one of the following experiments:

Zerbolio, D. J., Jr., & Walker, J. T. (1989). Factorial design: Binocular and monocular

perception in vertical and horizontal stimuli. Teaching of Psychology, 16, 65-66.

If you have a Holman-Dolman depth perception apparatus, this demonstration works well because it produces a very strong interaction that students understand.

Vernoy, M. W. (1994). A computerized Stroop experiment that demonstrates the

interaction in a 2 X 3 factorial design. Teaching of Psychology, 21, 186-189.

IBM computer required.

Lutkus, A. D. (1975). The effect of "imaging" on mirror image drawing. Bulletin of the Psychonomic
Society, 5, 389-390.

Short article and easy to replicate if you have mirror-tracing apparatus.

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