Jolley-Mitchell Flashcard Tutorial

From here, you can download our "Everything you need to know about flashcards" tutorial. When you download it, click on any buttons that say "enable editing," "enable content," or "enable macros." 

What to do if the tutorial does not work for you

  1. Make sure you are using a computer that has PowerPoint on it.
  2. Make sure your computer is allowing the tutorial's macros to work. Specifically,
1. When you first open the file, if you see something like this "Enable Editing" message on the top of your screen,
Enable editing
click the "Enable Editing" button. 
2. If you see something like this "Enable Content" message,
Enable macros or enable content
click the "Enable Content" button.
  1.  In the rare event that the tutorial still doesn't work, either try another computer or follow these tips.