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1. The main purpose of the t test is to determine whether the difference between two groups is larger than what would be expected by random error alone.
2. If the df for the t test is 12, the number of scores analyzed was
3. If df = 14, t < .05, and p > .05, the results were statistically significant.
4. If df = 14, t = 5, p < .05, experimental group mean = 11, and control group mean = 1, the bottom (denominator) of the t ratio would be
5. If df = 140, t = 5, p < .05, experimental group mean = 11, and control group mean = 10, the effect size would be small.
6. A t test should be used if your dependent measure is ordinal (e.g., 1 = first person to finish exam, 2= second person to finish exam, 3= third person to finish exam).
7. If your experimental group members become an interacting group, the results of a t test on data from your simple experiment will
8. Which of the following would be a more serious problem?
9. If you did a t test and your scores were not normally distributed, you would be most concerned if
10. The reliability of a measure would be most likely to be called into question when the research

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