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1. Before the treatment is administered, the treatment and control groups could be considered two random samples from the same population.
2. Even if the treatment has no effect, the mean for the treatment group may be higher than the mean for the control group.
3. Within-groups variability is entirely due to random error.
4. By looking at the scores from the two experiments below, determine which experiment has greater between-group variability.
5. Studying homogeneous participants will reduce within-groups variability
6. Using reliable measures, standardized procedures, and homogeneous participants will reduce both within-groups variability and between-groups variability.
7. If the difference between the control group mean and the experimental group mean is zero, the results will not be statistically significant.
8. In two experiments, the treatment group scored four points higher than the control group. By looking at some randomly selected scores from the control group, which experiment is more likely to find that four-point difference statistically significant?
9. Which of the following experiments is more likely to obtain statistically significant results?

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