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1. A reliable measure is not necessarily a valid measure.
2. A validity correlation of +.90 would prove that your measure has construct validity.
3. Which is more important for establishing the internal consistency of a measure?
4. Reliability would be a prerequisite for
5. Eliminating questions from a scale would be most likely to increase the scale´s
6. A low correlation between two subscales could be used as evidence that the subscales measured different dimensions of a construct.
7. A measure that has high internal consistency is not necessarily valid.
8. If participants´ scores on the odd numbered questions are highly predictive of their scores on the even-numbered questions, your test probably has high split-half reliability.
9. If people who get positive feedback score higher on your measure of self-esteem than people getting neutral feedback, this experimental result provides evidence of your measure´s
10. If a new test of practical intelligence correlates only moderately with an existing measure of general intelligence, this finding provides evidence of the new test´s discriminant validity.
11. If a test of intelligence correlates only moderately with a socially desirability measure, the intelligence test has convergent validity.
12. If high scorers on your love test stay in relationships longer than low scorers (your test can distinguish between couples that will soon break up and students who will stay together), your love test has

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