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1. Operational definitions are objective.
2. Operational definitions allow others to replicate your study.
3. Bias is a more serious problem than random error.
4. If the observer sees what they expect to see, this is a case of
5. A referee who has a bet on one of the teams playing will most likely exhibit
6. Using multiple-choice measures will reduce both observer bias and random observer error.
7. Standardization reduces both bias and random error.
8. A 10-item measure will be less vulnerable to subject bias than a 1-item measure.
9. There is often a conflict between trying to reduce demand characteristics and the ethical principle of informed consent.
10. There may be a fine line between unobtrusive measurement and spying.
11. Making responses anonymous eliminates social desirability bias and also eliminates the risk that participants will obey demand characteristics.
12. Using blind (masked) techniques reduces both social desirability bias and reduces the risk that participants will obey demand characteristics.

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