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1. Which of the following is an operational definition of happiness?
2. Operational definitions are always accurate (valid).
3. Random error is a more serious problem than bias.
4. Both random error and bias can affect an individual´s score on a measure.
5. Random observer error is a more serious problem than observer bias.
6. Making observers "blind" (masked) is most effective at reducing
7. Training raters and recording participants´ behavior will reduce both observer bias and random observer error.
8. If you standardize your procedures, there is no need to make the researcher blind.
9. A 10-item measure will be less vulnerable to random error due to the participant than a 1-item measure.
10. While finishing a disappointing meal, your server asks you,"How was everything?," You respond that everything was "fine." Your answer most closely reflects
11. Using either physiological measures or unobtrusive measures reduces both social desirability bias and the problem of obeying demand characteristics.
12. Making responses anonymous reduces social desirability bias.

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