[qdeck] [q]Please click on the "Flip " button. [a]These cards will test you on the key concepts of Chapter 1.
When you see a box, type your answer in that box.
Then, click the "Flip back " button to check your answer.
To get started, click the " Show next card " button. [q] Without bias [textentry] [c] objective [a] Yes, the answer is objective [c]* [a] The answer we were looking for was objective. [q] correctable [textentry] [c] testable [a] Yes, the answer is testable [c]* [a] The answer is testable [q] capable of being repeated [textentry] [c] replicable [a] Correct, the answer is replicable [c]* [a] No, the answer is replicable. [q] concrete steps used to measure or manipulate a variable [textentry] [c] operational definition [a] Right!, the answer is operational definition. [c]* [a] No, the answer is operational definition [q] looking at objective evidence to see if you are wrong [textentry] [c] science; scientific approach [a] You are right, the scientific approach! [c]* [a] The answer we were looking for was the scientific approach [/qdeck]