They saw a fight.

Watch a videoof the incident.

According to one news organization, viewing the videotape completely exonerates the male who goes up the steps and interacts with a woman.  According to another news organization, the videotape convicts that male. Depending on who is asked, there are at least four different views of what the tape reveals:

  1. both the man and the woman in the tape tried to hit each other but missed,
  2. the woman hit the man, but the man did not hit the woman,
  3. the woman hit the man and the man slapped the woman,
  4. the woman hit the man and the man pushed the woman....
These different viewpoints suggest that perception is in the eye of the beholder. Interestingly, according to the woman who is the focus of the video (and who initially considered pressing charges), "the video speaks for itself."

What do you see?

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