10 Additional Review/Explore/Apply Activities

  1. Match memories to their characteristics using this interactive table.
  2. Master this interactive outline.
  3. Take a fun memory test that will review key concepts and give you some studying tips.
  4. Look at the study tips page and see how that page's tips apply the memory principles you have learned --or see how to apply memory principles to remembering names and jokes.
  5. See how to be a better student by looking at this diagram or this concept map.
  6. Explore mnemonics at this site.
  7. Take this short memory quiz
  8. Read superlearner Scott Young's "The Complete Guide to Memory"
  9. Watch a "Discovering Psychology" video on memory or have some fun at this site.
  10. Complete the study grid below.

Study Grid: Long Term Memory
Stage of processing Problems: What can go wrong?Example(s) of problemsHow can problems be prevented?







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