Conclusions: Why study psychology?

  1. It is the study of  you.
  2. Most of your goals are psychology's goals (to describe, predict, understand, and control behavior) (and the goals you do not share with psychology may not be good for you)
  3. It is a scientific field that helps you think more logically and scientifically about the real world.
  4. It is a broad field, so psychology may be relevant to your major, especially if your major is business, nursing, speech pathology, public health, economics, education, communication, environmental science, sociology, or political science.
  5. It is a practical field, so it is probably  relevant to your career. For example, to succeed in your career, you need to describe, predict, understand, and (sometimes) control the people you work with. Your career may be in a psychology-related field, such as social worker, occupational therapist, advertising/public relations, counselor, financial planner, and human resource manager.
  6. You are interested in a career in psychology, in which case you may be interested in the following resources
  7. :

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