Have students read an article describing a within-subjects experiment

If you want students to give students extensive guidance in reading an interesting 2003 article on a within-subjects experiment,

Hemenover, S. H. (2003) The good, the bad, and the healthy: Impacts of

emotional disclosure of trauma on resilient self-concept and psychological

distress. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29, 1236-1244.

click on the following link to get a summary of that article as well as a handout that will help students navigate that article
(for more articles and handouts, click here).

Alternatively, you could refer students to

  1. the interesting, easy-to-read within-subjects experiment in Appendix C of Research design explained (the sample paper).

  2. a classic study such as

    Whitehead, W. E., Blackwell, B., & Robinson, A. (1978). The effects of diazepam on phobic

    avoidance behavior and phobic anxiety. Biological Psychiatry, 13, 59-64.


  3. a short, interesting article, such as

    Sinclair, R. C. & Mark, M. M. (1998). Affective cues and processing strategy: Color-Coded

    examination forms influence performance. Teaching of Psychology, 25,130-132.

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