Have students design a field experiment

Students can design the field experiment, using Handout 10.3 as a guide. Once the experiment is designed, they can evaluate it based on the criteria described in tables G.1 and G.2 of the Field Experiment Web Appendix.
The main challenge is to get students to design a field experiment. Three ways to stimulate students to design a field experiment are:

1. Have students propose a project that (a) proposes a treatment that attacks an applied problem and (b) evaluates the effectiveness of that treatment. Such projects could involve ways of improving communication between students and administration, improving cleanliness of classrooms, reducing graffiti in bathrooms, and increasing student attendance at extracurricular events.

2. Have students take a laboratory study and describe:

a. why replicating it in the field would be useful; and
b. how it would be done.

3. Use a successful strategy described in

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