Handout 5.4:
Reporting research

Summarize an article that validates a questionnaire or test that the participant answers by answering multiple-choice questions or  by responding to rating scales. Note that the article will probably be introducing a new measure or doing a study that evaluates a fairly new measure. It is not enough for the study to use the measure (all studies have measures). Instead, the main purpose of the study should be to see whether the measure is valid.

Your summary should include

The name of the measure:

The authors' definition of the construct they are trying to measure:

Their method and rationale for selecting their initial set of questions

At least two sample questions:

Your opinion of the measure's content validity (e.g., "I believe the measure covers the appropriate content because ______ and ______ are the two key aspects of the construct, and the measure includes 50 questions that cover  ______ and  50  that cover _______").

If applicable, present and explain what evidence the authors' provide for the measure's

  1.  test-retest reliability: (Report the test-retest coefficient and the time between test and retest.)
  2.  internal consistency: (Report Cronbach's alpha, split-half reliability, or inter-item correlations.)
  3. convergent validity:
  4. discriminant validity:

Turn in your summary along with the first page of the article.

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