Have students create their own scale

There are a variety of very good guides to setting up a scale construction project. All agree that the project takes at least three weeks--with some using the entire term. Consequently, you will probably want to assign a scale construction project only if your class has lab sections.

All of the following guides are excellent.

E-mail Sally Radmacher to request her excellent set of detailed instructions (22 pages) for a scale construction project.

Handout 3-5, (pages 65-71 in the printed IM of Research Design Explained). This handout is adapted from a poster that Bruce Klonsky (of SUNY-Fredonia) presented at the 94th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association titled: "Let's eat: A scale construction project." Note: Students can download a program from Chapter 5's student web site that will help them organize and analyze their data.

Carmac, C. R., & Carmac, C. R. (1993). A laboratory project in scale design: Teaching reliability and
validity. Teaching of Psychology, 20, 167-169.

Hynan, L. S.,& Foster, B. M. (1997). A project for developing tests in a psychological
testing and measurement course. Teaching of Psychology, 24, 52-54.

In addition, we have provided a detailed checklist to help students write up the final project.
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