Discuss reliability

A good starting point would be to review Table 5-4 (page 122), as well as Figure 5-6 (page 123).
For a more in-depth discussion of reliability,

  1. Spend some time giving students a sense of the difference between reliability coefficients of different sizes. Having students compute correlation coefficients may be useful, as will using either (a) the computer tutorial " The Correlator" (available to students from the Chapter 5 student web site) or (b) the excellent tables in the article cited below.

    Duke, J. (1978). Tables to help students grasp the differences in simple correlation.

    Teaching of Psychology, 5, 220.

  2. Discuss the difference between different types of reliability coefficients. (See handouts 5.1 and 5.2).

  3. Use Lecture 5.2

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