Chapter 4:

Reading Research


I. Overview

II. Reading for understanding

A. Choosing an article

B. Reading the abstract

C. Reading the introduction

D. Reading the method section

E. Reading the results section

1. Basic descriptive statistics

2. Results of the manipulation checks

3. Results relating to hypotheses

4. Other significant results

F. Reading the discussion

III. Developing Research Ideas from existing research

A. The direct replication

1. Suspicion of fraud

2. Suspicion of Type 1 errors

3. Suspicion of Type 2 errors

B. The systematic replication

1. Improving power by tightening up the design

2. Improving external validity

3. Improving construct validity

C. The conceptual replication

D. The value of replications

E. Extending research

V. Concluding remarks


Key terms & Issues


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