Handout 3.4
Checklist for Evaluating Your Hypothesis

State your hypothesis:

Does your hypothesis involve psychological variables? (Please do not hypothesize that leaves will turn green.)


Are you predicting that participants differing on one variable will also differ on another? (No null hypotheses allowed.)


Can your variables be objectively measured
or manipulated?

Can the hypothesis be tested without violating
APA's ethical standards?

Can you produce sound reasons why the
hypothesis might be supported--
and do these reasons come from logic, theory, or past research?

If so, please outline those reasons on the back of this sheet.

If the results turn out as you expect,
will there be implications for theory, practice, or future research?

* Are you predicting that changing one variable will cause an effect on another variable?
* Can you manipulate your predictor variable?
That is, does it involve instructions, stimuli, or treatments that you can give to one set of participants, but not to another?

**Do you have a moderator variable?
The moderator variable would intensify, weaken, or reverse the relationship between two other variables.

* Necessary if you are going to do experimental research.
** Ask your professor whether you need to include a moderator variable.