Chapter 11: Research Design Explained

  1. You are now at the Chapter 11 section of the text's student Web site. Here you can
    1. Look over the concept map of the key terms and look at a glossary of the key terms.
    2. Test yourself on the chapter objectives
    3. Test yourself on the key terms.
    4. Take the Practice Quiz (a short, general quiz over the entire chapter).
      • Take 8-item quizzes over the first part of the chapter.
      • Take 13-item quizzes over the second part of the chapter.
    5. Download the Chapter 11 tutorial.
    6. Review by looking at the key issues and reading the chapter summary.
  2. Do an analysis of variance using a statistical calculator.
  3. Get a better idea of the steps involved in conducting a study by reading "Web Appendix: Conducting a Study."
  4. If you are writing a Method section, download this tutorial.
  5. If you are writing a Results section, consult this tips for writing the Results section link.
  6. Making sense of ANOVA tables
  7. Have the computer help you format the results of a one way ANOVA. (an F test)
  8. Help with answering the end-of-chapter exercises

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