Chapter 9: Research Design Explained

  1. You are now at the Chapter 9 section of the book's student Web site. Here you can
    1. Look over the concept map of the key terms and look at a glossary of the key terms.
    2. Test yourself on the chapter objectives
    3. Test yourself on the key terms.

    4. Take the Practice Test  (a short, general quiz over the entire chapter).
      • Take 12-item quizzes over the first part of the chapter.
      • Take 8-item quizzes over the second part of the chapter.
      • Take 7-item quizzes over the third part of the chapter.
    5. Review by looking at the key issues and reading the chapter summary.
  2. Go through an online tutorial on internal validity.
  3. Go through our tutorial on internal validity--learn about internal validity by solving a murder mystery.
  4. If you have a fantasy baseball (or football) team, see how knowing about regression toward the mean can help you win.
  5. Humorous example of making a wrong cause-effect conclusion ("The Onion" "proves" that Tommy is responsible for millions of divorces). 
  6. Get help answering the end of chapter exercises.

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