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1. Reliability is a prerequisite for validity.
2. You can prove that your measure has construct validity.
3. Which is more important for establishing the content validity of a measure?
4. Which would be closest to the idea of content sampling?
5. Adding questions to a scale would be most likely to increase the scale´s
6. A high split-half reliability coefficient could be used as evidence that the scale (a) was internally consistent and (b) had construct validity.
7. If your construct is composed of two independent dimensions, it may make sense to divide your measure into two different subscales.
8. If participants´ scores on the first half of the test are highly predictive of their scores on the second half of the test, your measure probably has high split-half reliability.
9. If a new measure of intelligence correlates highly with an existing measure of intelligence, the high correlation provides evidence of
10. If a new test of practical intelligence correlates only moderately with an existing measure of general intelligence, this finding provides evidence of the new test´s convergent validity.
11. If a test of intelligence correlates only moderately with a socially desirability measure, the intelligence test has discriminant validity.
12. If honor students score higher on your IQ test than other students (your test distinguishes between honor and non-honor students), your IQ test has

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