RDE Chapter 2 Interactive Exercises: Set A

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1. Maslow argued that psychologists have studied rats and neurotic individuals but have not studied exceptionally well-adjusted people. This is a criticism about the_____ validity of research.

2. The professor of a psychology of women class notes that a study claiming that women are more conforming than men could be interpreted as showing that women are more cooperative than men. The professor is probably attacking the _____ validity of that research.
3. Don and Julie are engaged to be married this summer. However, upon taking a "couple compatibility" test in a popular magazine, they find they are not compatible. Before breaking off their engagement, Don and Julie should determine the ______ validity of the test.
4. A medical school asks people to volunteer for a "study that involves taking drugs and undergoing psychological testing." The researchers conclude that the drug calms people down. Given the type of participants used in this study, the _____ validity of the research could be questioned.
5. Near the end of the last lecture before an exam, a professor asks two students whether they have any questions. Both say "no." As a result, the professor concludes that those two students know and understand everything that was covered in class. The professor´s measure of "knowing and understanding everything" may lack _____ validity.
6. Measure is biased. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.
7. Only males were used. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.
8. Participants included only gifted 10-year-olds. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.
9. Participants´reports of their feelings may be inaccurate. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.
10. Measure does not accurately assess anxiety. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.
11. Manipulation may not have produced the intended effect on participants´ psychological states. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.
12. Teen magazine printed a survey form in a recent issue. Of those who reply, 40 percent claim to have used drugs. As a result, the magazine concludes that 40 percent of teens have used drugs. Even assuming the respondents are honest, the study may lack _____ validity. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.
13. The author of the book, The Hidden Life of Dogs, claims that her dogs fell in love and got married, had moral fiber, and that a male dog told a female dog that he knew she was younger than he and inferior to him in every way that mattered to dogs, but he didn´t care about that since he felt unrequited love for her. A psychologist might question the _____validity of these observations. This criticism is questioning ____ validity.

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