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“Mother Murders Son for Inheritance: Twin Brother Mourns,” blared the headlines. According to the article, Scotland Yard had found overwhelming evidence of the mother's guilt. In fact, they had arrested the distracted woman even before they received an eyewitness account of the murder from the twin's brother.


"Watson, can you pack a bag? I'd like to look into this matter," said Holmes.

"Certainly, Holmes. But it's an open and shut case," I replied.


"Perhaps, Watson, perhaps. But even if the case is closed, we should take advantage of this occasion to meet the twin. You see, he's a research psychologist."


When we arrived at the house where the atrocities had transpired, Holmes greeted the twin with unreserved enthusiasm. "Hello, I'm Sherlock Holmes. I've heard a great deal about you. You are quite a psychologist!"

The twin reciprocated. "And I've heard quite a bit about you, Mr. Holmes."
"Well, that's to be expected. We're both in the same business-trying to get inside people's heads. We both try to find out what happened and why it happened," said Holmes

"Yes, but you look for motives in the real world. Your work is truly exciting. I just do experiments in my dreary little lab," the twin replied, modestly.


Holmes persisted "Not at all, my dear fellow. We both dig for facts and uncover new evidence. We both question common sense and look for possibilities and explanations for events that others have overlooked."

"Well, perhaps, but your techniques are so creative," said the twin.

"You are too modest. Please tell me about your research," insisted Holmes.
The twin pushed the request aside, saying "Oh. it's dull. I simply manipulate statistics, really.

Suddenly, Holmes pounced. "You fiend! You are not Dr. Ardlich, but Mr. Ardlich. You killed your twin brother, the esteemed Dr. Ardlich, framed your mother, and then assumed your brother's identity. Last night during dinner, you drugged both your mother and brother. After murdering your brother, you arranged things in the kitchen and in your brother's room to incriminate your own mother. What sort of vile creature premeditates such a crime? What misguided brilliance! You willed your money to your mother to attract suspicion to her, but actually, you planned to inherit her money after she was sent to the gallows."  


We took a sullen Ardlich to Scotland Yard. On our way back to Baker Street, Holmes revealed how he knew that the twin was Mr. Ardlich rather than Dr. Ardlich.
"Surely it's obvious, my dear Watson. His lack of enthusiasm for his work tipped me off. He didn't display any of the enthusiasm and excitement that we investigators get when the game is afoot. The thrill of the chase and the joy of the search were absent
in him
. But there was much more. He believed that research is highly statistical. Any investigator knows that statistics are just a tool, a means to an end, not an end in themselves. He showed similar ignorance with regard to laboratories. He felt that research only involved laboratory experiments This is false. Not only did the late Dr.
Ardlich do many experiments outside of the lab, but he also used a variety of non- experimental research meth


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