Chapter 4: Research Design Explained

  1. You are now at the Chapter 4 section of the book's student Web site. Here you can
    1. Look over the concept map of the key terms and look at a glossary of the key terms.
    2. Test yourself on the key terms.

    3. Take some Chapter 4 Practice quizzes.
    4. Review by looking at the key issues, reading the chapter summary, testing yourself on the chapter objectives, and testing your skill at questioning research findings.
  2. Get a better idea of the steps involved in actually conducting a study by reading "Web Appendix: Conducting a Study."
  3. Start a literature search using this computerized searches link.
  4. To learn more about the value of reading the original source, click on this "Misinformation from textbooks, newspaper articles, and other secondhand sources" link.
  5. To learn more about why direct replications are necessary, watch this short video.
  6. If you want to start writing the Introduction to either your research proposal or your research report, download a useful tutorial by clicking on this "Getting started on writing your Introduction" link.
  7. Read APA's guide titled "How to be a wise consumer of psychological research"
  8. Read advice on how to read a journal article in social psychology (the advice applies to most journal articles)
  9. If you need help answering the end-of-chapter exercises, click here.

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