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[q] mechanism for effect, often comes between a stimulus and a response [textentry]  [c] mediator [a] It is a mediator, also known as a mediating variable


 [q] changes the effect of another factor [textentry] [c] moderator [a] It is a moderator (moderating) variable

[q] testable prediction  [textentry] [c] hypothesis [a] Hypotheses are testable predictions.

[q] way to improve construct validity [textentry] [c] double-blind technique [a] double-blind technique

[q] this changes the effect of another factor [textentry] [c] moderating variable [a] It is a moderating variable, also called a moderator variable.

[q] how the relationship between two variables changes as the amount of one increases [textentry] [c] functional relationship  [a] functional relationship

[q]  prediction of no relationship between variables [textentry] [c] null hypothesis [a] null hypothesis

[q]oversimplified version of a theory [textentry] [c] straw theory [a] straw theory[/qdeck]